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Tornadoes touch down in Chicago area, grounding flights and wrecking homes

Tornadoes in the Chicago area delayed hundreds of flights and forced thousands of people to take shelter overnight. 
Twisters were seen near the city's O'Hare International Airport, sending travelers in multiple terminals searching for cover. Flights there and at Midway International Airport were grounded for about 45 minutes. 
Another tornado touched down in Campton Hills, Illinois, which was also soaked with zero-visibility rain.
The damage across the area around Chicago was extensive, including snapped metal street signs trees torn down, and homes left uninhabitable. 
In Elgin, a community northwest of Chicago, several homes were damaged. One eyewitness told CBS News that debris "started flying all over the place." 
Despite the destruction, there are no reports of injuries. The tornados cap days of severe weather, including hailstorms and heavy winds, in the Chicago area.