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Data shows aged-care facilities a hotspot for Covid-19 exposure events

More than 1000 Covid-19 cases have been reported at rest homes recently.

Photo of young carer helping the elderly woman
Photo: 123RF

Ministry of Health data states in the seven days to 3 April, there were 1260 exposure events at aged-care facilities - an average of 180 exposure events a day around the country.

The health ministry's data showed churches had about half that number, recording 600 exposure events in those seven days.

The Aged-Care Association says it's asked the Ministry of Health for figures on the number of Covid deaths in the aged-care sector but has not received an answer.

Throughout the pandemic, 75 percent of people whose deaths were linked the virus have been over 70-years-old - an age group comprising only 2.5 percent of cases.

The Ministry of Health is still tracking "high-risk" exposure events.