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Vanuatu announces border reopening

Vanuatu will begin reopening its border from next month.

The Director-General of the Ministry of Health, Russell Tamata, says this is possible because high vaccination rates have been achieved on Efate and the outer islands.

Tamata also says hospitalisation rates and deaths have remained low.

Vanuatu Director General for Health Russell Tamata
Vanuatu Director General for Health Russell Tamata Photo: Daily Post

He said maintaining robust vaccination programmes, access to rapid testing, social distancing, and mask-wearing provided a way forward.

From May 1 to the end of June there will be a soft opening which will give the opportunity for over 5,000 Vanuatu nationals and residents who are stranded overseas to return home.

Tamata says reducing restrictions on travel to Vanuatu will provide a stimulus for economic recovery and free up health resources to focus on vaccination and future planning.