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Restricted fire season now in place for much of South Canterbury

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A restricted fire season is now in place for much of South Canterbury. Photo: 123rf

Much of South Canterbury is moving into a restricted fire season today, meaning a permit will be required to light most outdoor fires.

Fire and Emergency has imposed restrictions on the Ashburton High Country, Mackenzie Basin High Country and Hakataramea Valley.

There is already a complete fireworks ban in the Mackenzie Basin.

In a statement, Mid South Canterbury District Manager Rob Hands said the new measures reflected the elevated fire danger caused by persistent hot and windy conditions.

"The locals understand that there is a permanent risk of wildfire in this area, and we have been fielding requests to put restrictions in place so that visitors are made aware of the danger and can avoid accidentally starting a fire."

Some types of fire, such as hāngī and camp stoves, are still allowed in a restricted fire season and people could get more information on the checkitsalright website.