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McCarthy said Trump admitted some blame for Jan. 6 attack, audio reveals

Days after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told fellow House Republicans that then-President Donald Trump had acknowledged bearing some blame for the deadly attack, according to newly released audio. 
"He told me he does have some responsibility for what happened. And he needs to acknowledge that," McCarthy said in the private conference call between Republican lawmakers.
But earlier this year, McCarthy told reporters that he didn't remember having that phone call. 
"I'm not sure what call you're talking about," the top House Republican said in a news conference on January 13. 
Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns, New York Times reporters and authors of the forthcoming book, "This Will Not Pass," have released a series of clips of McCarthy's phone calls with fellow Republicans from the days after the insurrection. 
In another call, McCarthy expressed frustration with Mr. Trump. 
"I've had it with this guy," McCarthy said. "What he did is unacceptable. Nobody can defend that, and nobody should defend it." 
McCarthy said in another call he was considering asking Trump to resign. 
"It would be my recommendation you should resign. I mean that would be my take, but I don't think he would take it," he told Congressman Liz Cheney in a January 10, 2021, call. 
Before the tapes were released, McCarthy denied ever recommending that Trump should resign. 
McCarthy's office didn't respond to requests for comment. 
Several members of the committee investigating the January 6 attack told CBS News they've long sought an interview with McCarthy. They said the audio shows McCarthy could shed light on Trump's mindset. 
"I think it is very important that Kevin McCarthy has evidence the former president acknowledged bearing some responsibility for that attack on the Capitol. This is an admission of guilt by the former president," Rep. Adam Schiff, a Democrat, told CBS News. 
"The reports of what the president said, that he understood that he bore responsibility, that's consciousness of his guilt. And it is an important element of piecing together all of the facts relative to January 6th," Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren said. 
A subpoena to the House Republican leader could trigger a legal dispute, but time is running short with the committee hoping to have public hearings next month. 
"The hearings will tell a story that will really blow the roof off the house," Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin said.