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Man accused of carrying firearms in Obama's D.C. neighborhood to be jailed

A Washington, D.C., judge has ordered a man who allegedly carried firearms into former President Obama's D.C. neighborhood last week to be jailed pending trial. 
"I do believe detention is appropriate in this case," Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui said of Taylor Tarango, who is also a Jan. 6 defendant. Faruqui added that while the government's argument was not a "slam dunk," he believes prosecutors showed with "clear and convincing evidence" that no combination of conditions could ensure the safety of the community.  
The judge went on to note that while he "can't predict the future," he remains concerned that the suspect's release "could be catastrophic," given his access to weapons and ammunition, as well as the distinct possibility that Taranto's "demons could come back," in reference to the defendant's mental health challenges.
CBS News reporter covering homeland security and justice.