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Dark days during a sacred time

Tonight, Jews are observing the third night of Passover, Western Christians are celebrating Easter Sunday and Orthodox Christians are beginning Holy Week. It is a sacred time – when hope is renewed, when death doesn't have the last word, when freedom overcomes repression.
This year, in Ukraine, death appears to be having its day. In Mariupol, an exodus of Ukrainians is impeded by Russian bombs. In Bucha, instead of an empty tomb we see mass graves behind the church of St. Andrew. Cities laid to waste, civilian populations without food or water or a roof over their heads.
This is Easter. This is Passover. Even in Ukraine, bravely and with the help of much of the world -- it is a season holding the promise of freedom, and hope.
One of America's most recognized and experienced broadcast journalists, Lesley Stahl has been a 60 Minutes correspondent since 1991.