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Should seniors buy gold bars and coins?

Its longstanding reputation for stable returns and maintaining value when the stock market drops can make gold an appealing investment option for seniors. It may be even more appealing in today's market, as despite some recent losses, gold's value is still up about 9% year-over-year. 
But how you choose to make your gold investment can have a big impact on its price and even the value you get from it. Especially for seniors who may soon rely on their portfolios for income and have a shorter investment timeline than some younger investors, it can pay to take careful consideration before making changes to your investment plan.
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Physical gold in the form of gold bars or coins can be a good choice for seniors looking to invest in gold. For one, buying a portion of gold bullion allows you to directly benefit from gold's price movements, since the value of your bars or coins will adjust alongside gold's spot price. Plus, physical gold can be highly liquid. It's recognized as a currency and store of value across the world — and has been for centuries — so it can be much easier to sell than alternative assets like real estate.
You might even choose to hold your gold bars or coins within a gold IRA to get some extra tax advantages. These work similarly to regular IRAs, but allow you to store physical gold, as long as it meets certain specifications for weight and purity, among other things — as determined by the IRS. As you move closer to retirement, this could be a worthwhile option to diversify some of your portfolio aways from stocks, since gold is a relatively stable asset that can help you maintain your overall value.
If you are a senior considering investing in physical gold, just remember to be cautious about how much you're investing. Other income-producing investments are important for seniors with a fixed income or shorter investment period. Experts typically recommend keeping your gold investment between 5% to 10% of your overall portfolio. That amount can help you reap the benefits of gold's stability while still keeping the majority of your investments diversified in traditional stocks and bonds.
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If you decide physical gold bars or coins are right for you, there are a few different ways you can buy in. 
Reputable dealers, both online and in-person, may be a good place to start. With the chance to view your gold bars and coins before you buy, you can ensure they meet the quality standards you're looking for. Before you agree to any price, look for characteristics like weight and purity, and compare that to the current price per ounce value of gold. While you can expect the price to be higher, knowing what the current bottom line price is can help you make sure you get a solid deal.
Before you buy, also think about how you'll insure and store your gold. This is an aspect of buying gold bars and coins that can add a bit of extra legwork to your investment. Depending on how much you decide to invest, you may be able to keep your gold in a safe at home or a safe deposit box at the bank. Or, you may consider working with a third party custodian for long-term storage.
If you're thinking about a gold IRA, you can work with a gold investment company to buy and store your gold. Not only can these companies help make sure the gold bars or coins you buy are IRA-eligible, but they can also help you find an IRS-approved custodian to keep your physical gold safe. 
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Seniors may find that gold, with its reputation as a safe store of value and hedge against both inflation and potentially unfavorable market conditions, is a good choice in today's economy. While seniors, especially, may want to be careful about the amount they decide to invest in gold as they close in on retirement, the precious metal can still be worthwhile through cycles of inflation and recession in the future.
When you invest in gold bars and coins, specifically, you can benefit from direct access to the value of gold and maintain a tangible, liquid investment in gold's value. If you're considering a gold investment today, consider speaking with a financial advisor or another expert who can help you understand all your options and how gold might fit your existing investment plan.