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Man seriously injured in attack after group arrive at his house demanding alcohol

A police car
Photo: RNZ / Marika Khabazi

A man has been seriously injured in an attack at his Gisborne home after a group confronted him at his front door demanding alcohol.

Gisborne Police are appealing for information after the incident which took place about 9.30pm on Saturday.

A couple in their 60s were at their Park View Place house in Riverdale, when a dark-coloured large car or people mover reversed into their driveway.

Police said four men, described as between the age of 18 and 20, got out of the vehicle and confronted the man at his front door, demanding he give them alcohol.

When the man said he had no alcohol, he was hit over the head with a bottle and punched and kicked several times.

The man was later taken to Gisborne Hospital, where he was being treated for serious head injuries and broken ribs. He was in a stable condition.

"Police are appalled at the level of violence that has been inflicted on this man in his home," Senior Sergeant Mark Moorhouse said.

The man's wife was uninjured in the attack but understandably it has left her severely traumatised, he said.

Police believe there was a young woman present with the four men and all left the scene in a vehicle.

Police wanted to hear from members of the public who may have information, Moorhouse said.