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An Easter prayer: The power of peace to create a more just world

Sharon Kugler is the Chaplain at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.
We have been living with a deep burden of global unrest, uncertainty, grief and fear that is starting to feel brutally defiant in its staying power.  Our spirits are suffering under the stress of it all.
And now here we are, gathered in this imperfect way, across these many screens longing for connection, for reasons to hope, longing for multiple kinds of peace.
What can we do thousands of miles away from a new war, a new invasion, to bring peace?
Let us pray for peace: peace in Ukraine where people are fleeing, hiding or losing their very lives in defense of their home, their way of life.
Peace in all places, where aggression, poverty, ignorance and violence oppresses and destroys our human family.
Peace in our aching hearts, so that we can be part of the kind of healing that is restorative.
Peace in our minds, to create a more just world.
Peace in the light, peace in the dark, peace in the big, peace in the small, peace in the weak, peace in the strong.
May you be shalom, may you be salaam, may you be shanti, may you bring and be peace. 
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        Story produced by Julie Kracov and Amy Wall. Editor: Chad Cardin.