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'Disregard for safety': DOC wants help to find trio who rode quad bikes in national park

Quad bike riders in Egmont National Park
An image released by the Department of Conservation showing the quad bike riders. Photo: Supplied / Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation is looking for three people who illegally rode quad bikes through a national park and forced a ranger to lock themselves in a visitor centre for safety.

A family had to move off the Wilkies Pools Track in Egmont National Park in late May because of the two quad bikes.

The visitor and their family had to move off the narrow trail to let them past, DOC said in a statement.

The witness and their family later came across the bikes stuck along the trail and, not being able to get past safely, they had to turn back.

The walkers reported the riders to a DOC ranger on duty at the visitor centre, saying one seemed drunk.

The ranger took photos as the bike riders returned down the trail. The riders responded aggressively, and the ranger locked themselves in the visitor centre for safety.

Senior ranger biodiversity Cameron Hunt said DOC hoped its public appeal and the release of the photos would help to identify the group so enforcement action could be taken.

"These people were showing total disregard for the safety of other track users and the environment," Hunt said.

"They behaved aggressively to a DOC staff member who felt very concerned for their safety."

The man who was wearing a fleece hoodie and a beanie rode a red bike, while a blue bike carried two women. The rider had blonde hair with ginger in it and was wearing a blue puffer jacket. An older woman was on the back of the bike.

Taking a vehicle into Egmont National Park is not permitted under the park's bylaw and offenders can face fines up to $500.

Anyone with information can contact Hunt by email [email protected]