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Man charged after fake firearm pointed out car window in Auckland

Police car
Police arrested two people and charged one in relation to a fake firearm. Photo: RNZ / Marika Khabazi

Police were called at 12.53am after a driver said a car pulled alongside his vehicle on Mt Wellington Highway and a firearm was pointed at him.

With the help of the Eagle helicopter, police monitored the car as it travelled towards Sylvia Park.

Acting Inspector Steve Albrey said officers stopped a vehicle and found an imitation handgun, cannabis plant material and scales inside. A male and a female were arrested.

The male was charged with unlawful possession of an imitation firearm, Albrey said.

"Police advise that people carrying any sort of firearm, either real or not, in a public place or where groups of other people are present could place themselves at risk," he said.

Police were not ruling out further charges.